Hi, My name is Eva Zaharakos.

I'm a product design student in Detroit Mi, with a minor in art history and interests in CMF, sustainability and just creating cool stuff.

I come from a long line of powerful women leaders and Greek immigrants. From the first woman on the NCARB, to the owner and director of the only textile design firm with Jacqform Technology, and grandparents who grew from illiteracy to college graduates while raising 7 children in a two bedroom NYC apartment. I am also a star wars fanatic.

I  am passionate about learning and enjoy discovering new and innovative ways to design. I have found success in picking up skills, programs and techniques from other creative disciplines and applying them to my own process.




Studio Z

Fall 2021 - Present

Summer 2021

Summer 2020

Summer 2017 - Present

CMF Furniture Design

Footwear Design

Industrial Design

Color & Textile Design