Fall 2020
Passion Project

FRUiTS Shoes

I've always been huge into magazines. They used to cover my walls at home (when I didn't have a landlord telling me not to). FRUiTS  is one of those magazines I constantly go back to and enjoy. I decided to do some research on it in my spare time, and became super inspired by their brand.

FRUiTS Magazine was a monthly Japanese street fashion magazine founded in 1997 by photographer Shoichi Aoki. Though FRUiTS covered styles found throughout Tokyo, it is associated most closely with the fashion subcultures found in Tokyo’s Harajuku district. The magazine primarily focused on individual styles found outside the fashion-industry mainstream.

I wanted to design a product you could wear in Harujuku for FRUiTS. My final shoe design reflects the streets of Harujuku;  the home of Harujuku Fashion, FRUiTS Magazine, and its creator, Shoichi Aoki himself.

Feedback from Converse designers over instagram and professor William Turner.