Fall 2020
Semester Project

Roller Skate Concept

After many hours scrolling through TikTok, I discovered the fun of roller skating. An activity taken up by many of Gen Z during Covid lockdowns.

I also discovered that the roller skate has not been updated in a very, very long time. Casual skaters find themselves struggling with ease of use and comfort, specifically concerning lacing correctly. I wanted to solve these issues by upgrading the lacing on current skates for easy & accurate cinching across the top of the foot, improving both ease of use and general comfort for casual skaters.

I also wanted to give the roller skate a modern revival visually, that would reflect the confidence you feel skating fast through city streets. Using inspiration from my own choices in footwear, as well as what students were wearing around me.

Feedback from my prof Matthew Mcphail, design director at Xenith, from other students, and past employers